The family business Smits strives for long-term continuity and continuously invests and develops sustainable business solutions without jeopardizing the historic value of the property.

Mission and culture

Kwaliflex, a sustainable partner in food and beverage recycling

...Let's create value

Every imaginable packaged and unpackaged residual stream from the food and beverage industry.

Food recycling

We process products such as supermarket returns, rejected grains, packaged meats, pet food and other food products packaged in glass, cans or plastic. We have obtained a Category 3 certification from the Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA), which means we are allowed to process packaged food products that contain animal proteins.

Beverage recycling

We process products such as soda, beer, wine, dairy and other beverages packaged in glass, kegs, cans, tetra, PET or bulk. We have the requisite customs permits to process excisable goods from the Netherlands and abroad.

Your guarantee

The products you deliver to us will never appear on the market again.

We process all product streams in-house.
We are proud to offer you the following guarantees:

Our certificates
  • Products that arrive at Kwaliflex will never appear on the market again
  • Your products are under 24/7 camera surveillance during storage and processing
  • Our processing methods are 100% traceable
  • Short lines of communication with our clients and internally
  • We contribute to the reduction of your carbon footprint

Sustainable energy

Smits Group can provide green electricity to 13,000 households, green gas to 12,000 households, and solar energy to 1,000 households in the region. We are proud of this contribution to making the local energy supply more sustainable.

Smits Group
Molenstraat 40, 5446 PL Wanroij
Phone number
+31 (0)485 47 62 32
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