Mission and culture

Kwaliflex is one of the largest processors of residual waste streams from the food and beverage industry. We are a major proponent of corporate social responsibility (CSR). CSR is good for our living conditions, our environment and your company’s image.

We serve as a reliable partner for our clients and offer them a full-service solution for their waste streams. We strive to increase the value of the waste streams by giving them a proper and responsible final destination.

We use our bio-fermentation installation for the recycling of food and beverages. It is located on our estate, Landgoed De Princepeel. In this bio-fermenter, waste streams and manure are brought together. The gas produced during the bio-fermentation process is used for the generation of green power. We produce enough green power to meet the annual energy needs of 12.500 households. Virtually 100% of the material collected at Kwaliflex is used for the production of biogas, green power, animal feed, water purification or other carbon-saving applications.