Our goal is to take all matters pertaining to your waste streams out of your hands entirely. We conduct an audit to gain insight into your company's various waste streams and offer you tailor-made advice.

Kwaliflex Waste Solutions creates value out of your industrial waste

...Let's create value

Save on the costs of managing your waste streams

Are waste streams a major expense for your business? We guarantee that you can realise significant savings with regard to your waste! By effectively separating your waste streams at the source, processing the waste and properly reusing it, the value of the waste streams will be created within your own organisation. Kwaliflex Waste Solutions will take care of everything for your company, so the value belongs entirely to you as our client.

Full-service solution for your organisation

With its years of experience, Kwaliflex is an expert in the field of waste streams and recycling in the food and beverage industry. We analyse your waste streams and offer a full-service solution for solution waste management. Additionally, we take all related administrative matters out of your hands and offer an optimal logistical solution for your waste streams.

Only the best processing methods

Kwaliflex Waste Solutions is an independent organisation: we have no ties with buyers and will only select the best processing methods and partners for you. We safeguard our responsible processing by carefully auditing all buyers in our network. This ensures that the exact processing method used for your waste stream and its final destination are always traceable.

One-stop shop for all waste streams

Kwaliflex Waste Solutions takes all matters pertaining to waste management out of its clients’ hands. We are your one-stop shop for the entire process. We offer a complete tailor-made solution and will assign a permanent contact who can answer all your waste-related questions.

High degree of flexibility / independent approach

Client satisfaction is one of Kwaliflex’s key concerns. To offer the right service, Kwaliflex is completely independent and bases its choices on the client’s wishes. Our independent approach and our extensive network give us a high degree of flexibility and allow us to offer our clients an excellent quality of service.

Direct and open communication

Kwaliflex Waste Solutions offers 100% reliability and utilises open-book management. All KPIs are continuously monitored and made insightful in conference with the client. Our open-book management, our high degree of flexibility and our independent approach combine to facilitate the realisation of continuous improvements.

Together, we strive towards prevention, reuse and recycling instead of destruction

We strive to minimise the amount of industrial waste that is incinerated or otherwise destroyed. By utilising efficient methods on-premises, less waste is produced at the source. We extract as many resources as possible for reuse and recycling from an organisation’s waste streams. In doing so, we contribute to the realisation of our clients’ CSR targets.